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Home Care & Support


Personal Care & Assistance

Personalized and individualized attention to give a quality service to each client, depending on their needs.

  • Internal care

  • Home Care

  • Daily walks


Accompanying & leisure

To accompany each client in their daily tasks. We also motivate them in their social activities. We accompany your relative to medical appointments.

​The integration of our clients into society is very important.

Our motto is healthy body, healthy mind.

Meal Planning

Our specialized staff will do the preparation or support in the realization of meals.

We also support your family at meal times.


Medications Intake Support

We will do the control of schedule and which medications to take at any given time.


Night Care Shifts

We provide high quality 24hr care without having to move your relatives to a nursing home.

Accompanying your relatives during the night for any care.


Promoting independence at home

We help your family members who need it most to carry out domestic chores, encouraging their independence and making them feel valuable in these activities.

Specialist Care


Specific Disease Care

We accompany your relative to medical appointments and provision of care for more specific illnesses.

  • Diabetes.

  • High- blood pressure.

  • Dementia.

  • Alzheimer.

And any other ilnesses.


Specialised medical diet care

We help with the preparation of medically pre-prescribed meals or diets.

Pet Friendly Care


We support the care of our clients' pets as they are a special belonging in the family.


Technological Assistance

We know that technology is not a strong suit for older people, so we offer help with, booking medical appointments and any other online enquiries.

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